A Year of Silly Celebrations

A Year of Silly Celebrations

When I was teaching PreK I used to scour the internet (or interwebs as J calls it) for silly holidays that I could incorporate into my daily lesson plans. I remember having Mud Pie Day, Silly Hat Day, Eat Something Chocolate Covered Day and the list goes on. Those silly days were so much fun! I remember thinking that if we ever had children we would celebrate silly days all the time and our family would be the most fun family ever! Ding-Dong…Reality Calling…I don’t think we have celebrated any silly holidays or definitely not on any regular basis. Sad just very sad. BUT guess what? We will be in 2013…sorry ahead of time J the silliness is going to be overflowing! I want my children to look back on their childhood and think “Do you remember celebrating Mud Pie Day?! What was Mom thinking?!” But they will remember…and I’m sure it will make them smile. And isn’t that what childhood is supposed to do?

To help me be accountable I’ll be posting recipes and pictures here. Not all daily celebrations will warrant a recipe but today’s does: Cream Puff Day. I love cream puffs…not too sweet but perfect with a cup of coffee…or two or three. I’ll be making some extra of these to freeze for later too…want to come over and share?

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