Happy New Year!

Well for the first time in probably 8+ years (yes since LoveBug was born and I gave up sleep) I was awake and saw the ball drop at midnight…with both LoveBug and Bug…and J of course. We spent the night with great friends – eating chinese food, tasting several of J’s beers, chatting, while the kids played “Spy Games” and put on dance routines and musical performances. We were able to see distant fireworks as we were saying goodbye and then putting the kiddos to bed. Yes we welcomed 2013 with cheers and kisses and then were in bed and asleep by 12:30!

Of course LoveBug and Bug were awake bright and early…by 7am in fact! But that’s ok…I got great snuggles while having my most necessary coffee! Today was a great day…the first day of 2013. I’m excited about the adventures we will have together this year. And now I’m excited to share them with all of you on this blog!

To start…

Eat: Food plays an important part of life. It nurtures our bodies and souls. In 2013 I am going to make sure our family eats healthier and cleaner.

Sleep: I have been sleep deprived since I was pregnant with LoveBug. I’d like to think that we will all sleep more in 2013 but instead I’ll hope for “good” sleep.

Drink Coffee: Well this is just a necessity!!!


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