Pay It Forward

Every day since LoveBug started Kindergarten 3 years ago my after school conversation with my kiddos has gone something like this:

Me: “How was your day? Tell me the best part about your day…”
LoveBug and Bug both proceed to talk over one another, or argue because they want to go first…

This school year we added a few changes:

Me: “Tell me one good thing that happened to someone else today.”
Lovebug and Bug have a more challenging time with this…it’s harder for them to recognize sometimes when something good happens to someone other than themselves (understandably – they are only 8 and 5 after all.)
Me: “Now tell me something good that happened to you.”
At this point LoveBug and Bug usually have many examples of this and this is where the conversation gets LOUD and GIGGLY.

Our conversation is always the same but its my hope that it is helping them not only verbalize about their day but learn to reflect on what good has happened to those around them and not just themselves. This is a tough thing to teach my children I think. They live very blessed lives and really want for nothing. The ideas of starving or unwanted children (or not having an american girl doll or a plethora of legos to build with for that matter) are foreign and abstract to my children…and I’m thrilled for that. But at the same time I think it’s so important to somehow help them appreciate what they have and spread a little love and positive feelings in this world.
both kids wedding (photo by keane eye photography/July 2012)

We don’t volunteer as a family like I’d like…ok add that to the list…lol. We did do Christmas RAKs (random acts of kindness) and hand out/leave candy canes at various places. The kiddos really got excited about it so I’ve been playing around with some ideas on how to continue through 2013. A blessings jar is one thing we are going to keep this year (once I dust off some of my crafting supplies and decorate the jar!) and monthly RAKs to friends (old and new!) and family members. I’ll probably have to set reminders in my phone for a couple months from now when we are busy and it would be easier to skip it but I think that teaching our children how to be kind and spread love to others is just as important as math homework…and let’s face it, getting messy making a card or baking cupcakes to share is so much more fun!

***If you’d like to be put on our RAK list, just comment below and send your mailing address through the contact form.***

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