For the Love of Pop

nd kids

We are not Irish…not really. But as far as LoveBug and Bug are concerned we are. They have decided that they want to go to Notre Dame for college – they are only 8 and 5! lol They know the Notre Dame fight song, or anthem, or whatever it is…and they sing it too! They love to wear shamrock tattoos to school (and green pants and notre dame sweatshirt in Bug’s case.) They get so excited about it and its really not about the football. Or Notre Dame. It’s totally about sharing something special with their Pop. Pop loves Notre Dame…and LoveBug and Bug…and being Irish…and converting LoveBug and Bug from Penn State fans (J and I both went there) to Notre Dame fans. LoveBug and Bug love their Pop and for that reason they love Notre Dame. I guess I can live with that 🙂

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Pop

  1. With the beat down that ND just took 42-14.. Life isn’t about winning or being right.. It’s about being the best person you can be to your grandkids.That blog brought a tear to my eye.. Being Irish,, that isn’t an easy thing to do.. As we all sang that song,, “we will not quit or give up the fight, we are the Irish of Notre dame!! The cut is deep after that beatdown. But, I bled a lot of green!! It’s all about believing!!! The Tide rolled in and all over us!! But when the sun comes Tuesday, we’ll be up with it!!! Thank you and thank the kids!!! We Believe..

  2. It’s early Tuesday morn after a major beat down from Alabama!!! I had to re-read your blog!! I chuckled when I read your “I can live with that” Do you have a choice??? haha I know some kids are cruel. So if the tats are still on, someone might make a comment. Just tell them to say Alabama is relly good!!! and smile. because we will not quit or give up the fight!!! We are one with our family under the dome.. (in song)

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