Daily Thoughts

In our house we used to have Taco Tuesday but since this year LoveBug’s Ballet is on Tuesdays we’ve switched to Mexican Mondays.  We also have Pizza & Movie Night on Fridays.  The world doesn’t come to an end if we don’t stick to this schedule (although there have been several meltdowns by Bug when we have skipped Mexican Monday!) but having them adds some fun structure to our week.  I’m thinking we should add Wino Wednesday…wait that would only be for me…okay Weird Wednesday?  Anyway I was thinking about all the things I’ve thought about sharing on here and I thought “Hey! I should have certain things that I blog about each day.”  Personally I think it’s a brilliant idea…ok maybe not “brilliant” but pretty good 🙂

So here’s what I’m thinking for the lineup…feel free to make suggestions and post ideas here too!

Monday Madness…Tasty Tuesday… Wacky Wednesday… Thursday Thoughts… Family Friday… Simple Saturday… Sunday Fun*Day


One thought on “Daily Thoughts

  1. How about on Sunday’s as part of your fun day you ask each member of the family to list a favorite place to go to dinner on a sheet of paper. Put those into a hat and do a raffle to decide where you go to eat. Not every Sunday but just once a month may be a fun thing to do on a Sunday. I like your idea about Mexican Mondays. I may have to use that one in our household:-).

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