Random Thoughts…

Wow…I didn’t realize that an entire week had passed since last posting! I have to get a better self schedule! Any tips on time management and productive daily schedules from you Type A people out there? Because even with the best intentions, I start task #1 and end up getting distracted by tasks #2, #3 and #4 only to then think of a few extras. At the end of the day my list has grown and I’ve started multiple items and finished none ūüė¶

So since a week has passed, let’s get caught up…Girl Scout Cookie Time started (joy of joys – I’m Cookie Mom…again),¬† LoveBug sprained her wrist, I committed to getting healthy and fit with a great friend (who will¬†absolutely hold me accountable!), ¬†I catered an event for 75 people, I helped work a PTC fundraiser event with the Harlem Wizards, had a snow (really ice) day with the Bugs during which I played referee for a good solid 5 hours of the day.¬† That brings us to today!

So here are a few of my random thoughts for today¬† (and please…don’t judge me…these really are the things that have been on my mind today!)

  • how does laundry seem to just multiply and grow no matter how much time is spent¬†on it???¬† (I’m convinced my friend M is MAGIC because she has been known to do at LEAST 8 loads of laundry plus clean the entire house in less than 6 hours!!¬† She is A-MAZING¬†… please use a sing song voice when reading…)
  • why are little boys so incredibly gross???
  • is it wrong to want to just curl up under a big soft blanket for a few hours?
  • i’ve always said a little dirt won’t hurt…which is good considering Bug is so gross most of the time…but a restaurant that charges $100+ for dishes consisting of the stuff???¬† A french restaurant in Japan, aptly named¬†Ne Quittez Pas¬†(translated to “please don’t leave.”¬† seriously..enough said) is doing just that!¬† absolutely ridiculous if you ask me…which no one did but oh well.¬† Apparently the “dirt” consists of coffee grounds and palm fiber.¬† So I guess it’s fancy dirt so that makes it ok.
  • why are little boys so incredibly GROSS??!!!???¬† (yes for the 2nd time)
  • i love bartering and trading
  • it’s so sad how little money from girl scout cookie sales go to the troops…at least in our troop which has only 5 girls
  • i am so thank*full for coffee
  • WHY for the love of everything holy, WHY ARE LITTLE BOYS SO GROSS?????


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…

  1. go back and re-read what little girls are made of and what we boys are made of!!! Then we won’t gross you out!!!

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