Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday it was 65*… yes in January… today the high temperature is supposed to be 27*.  Needless to say it’s COLD!!!  We have started the day with a 2 hour delay (for flooding or wind advisory I really don’t know) which just might kill me today.  Normally I would enjoy a delay for the kids.  Morning is when I get my best hugs and snuggles and let’s face it if I can sit in my comfies snuggled with my Bugs and my coffee…all is good in the world.  But today they are wound up with silliness, bursting with loudness and my head is threatening to explode from pressure and pain.

I’ve had headaches for as long as I can remember but today’s is over the top.  So far I’ve taken excedrin migraine, had coffee, drank a couple extra glasses of water, took my vitamins and still no relief.  Holistic and herbal remedy solutions welcomed please!!!

***Follow Up…My migraine progressed through the day – so bad that I was literally sick.   No relief.  Today (friday) I made an herbal tea that FINALLY took the edge off enough that I was able to function.  Makes me think I want to do more with herbs – even went to the local used book store GENTLY USED BOOKS and bought a few books.  I used to have a selection of herbal medicine books along with crystal healing but I got rid of all of them years ago.   Not sure why really…

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