Monday Madness

Today was just a blur….thank all that is holy for coffee today!  I started the day (at 5am) with a little morning exercise. I’m committed this time and actually excited about it.  To be honest over the past week I feel like I’ve been waking from a long sleep.  Over the past few years I’ve lived disconnected, isolated and bipolar at the same time…sometimes I’ve felt like 2 totally different people within the same body, neither one really connecting but always putting on a good show…or so I always thought.  But I digress….today is Day 1 of the official “me project.”  It’s about time I get excited about life…truly not just talking about it…and make the changes I so desperately want to see within myself.  Again…I digress…back to the Monday Madness “report.”

After realizing how very very out of shape I have become I proceeded to get the kids ready for school:  breakfast which also included a nutrition lesson for LoveBug and discussion about her headache and latest school “messy situation” as she has instructed me to refer to her disagreements, arguments and anything else with drama. Lunches packed, backpacks packed then on to pack the car with all that was needed for my morning cook day at a client’s home.  Yes there were just 4 “packs” in the same sentence!  Dropped the kids off to school, stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a Large Coffee with Cream (I include how I like my coffee just in case any of you ever find yourself in this area and feel inclined to indulge my habit…lol)  Then it was 3 hours of cooking meals for a family, cleaning up then off to pick up Adam from his second home (otherwise known as Miss Kelly’s house where he would spend hours upon hours playing the xbox if he could.)  Home long enough to clean up a bit and finish cooking for another client then to school to pick up Lizzy who came home complaining about the lately ever present headache.  After school snack, homework, clean up, dinner then brownies before back home to get showers, read stories before bed at 8:00 (for the kids…I stayed up until at least 9pm!)

Certainly Monday Madness….but that’s ok…my night ended with big hugs from both Bugs which makes everything worthwhile ❤


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