Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday again and more random thoughts to share.  I wonder sometimes if it’s my “messy mental situation” (my therapist says I shouldn’t keep saying crazy so this is what I came up with instead) but I find myself contemplating the strangest things sometimes.  Here’s what’s crossed my mind today…read, toss around your (possibly) messy mind, then comment here and get some conversation going.

  • I really don’t like watching people eat.  I was at a networking luncheon today and I noticed the following:  some people chew weirdly, some people make too much noise while eating and sometimes the waitstaff just really need to refill drinks more often.
  • I met with the principal at my daughter’s school this morning.  Primarily to discuss upcoming activities that she might want the PTC to be involved with (I’m co-president for our school) but we digressed into discussing the school district.  Our district is truthfully a mess…although I believe that it’s the educational system overall that needs reevaluating and updating.  Our district is millions of dollars in debt and is considering cutting all sorts of programs.  It amazes me and infuriates me that it is accceptable to cut music, art, even sports programs all so teachers can continue having free health care and an incredibly generous pension plan.  Don’t get me wrong…I know how hard teachers work and I believe they should be well compensated.  But I also believe that the educational system and teachers unions really need to update expectations and privileges to reflect reality of the times.  Our educational system needs to be refocused on the quality of well rounded education for our children.  Let’s stop teaching for the tests and really teach.  Studies have proven that children that are exposed to music and art perform better educationally and socially.  Studies have shown that regular physical movement throughout the day stimulates brain functions so that children learn better.  HOWEVER in most instances, and in my school, children are limited to one brief recess that is often shortened or denied for students who need extra help, forget assignments, act out in class, etc.  Funny because those are the kids who probably need recess the most!  I honestly could go on forever on this topic but this is supposed to be Thursday Thoughts not Thursday Thought so I’ll stop here for today.
  • I was asked today if I would travel to Belize to cook for a week.  Um…yes please!  Realistically there is no way that it is going to happen but the thought that someone liked me enough to think they’d like me to…priceless.



2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I have many of the same thoughts about education. So what if you are CRAZY! I think an excellent idea in life is to find others that appreciate your craziness or “messy” thinking as your therapist calls it! You are a wonderful person and of course someone thought you should go to Belize to cook for a week:-),

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