Sunday Night Already?!

I remember growing up how time passed so….s-l-o-w-l-y…all the time yet my mom used to say how fast the time went.  uh…what?  I thought she was nuts!  Fast forward 30 years and here I am sitting and wondering where all of the time goes?!?
All week long I look forward to the weekends and all the awesome cool activities and projects I’d like to do with my Bugs.  Reality is that between weekend activities and the Bugs arguing amongst themselves most if not all of my creative aspirations as a parent ever come to fruition.  (insert Mom pout here.)  And quite honestly I’m tired of it!  Because Monday comes and the busy week begins and I’m left wondering what we did for the last 2 days.

So here’s my plan for next weekend:  make a plan, work the plan, report here.  I want my Bugs to remember weekends as fun, magical family times (with some good old fashioned chores thrown in there for fun!)  So I’m adding to my weekly planning some fun activities for next weekend?  Pinterest here I come!

How do you spend your weekend time?  What activities do you do regularly?    Check back here next Sunday night to find out how our weekend of fun went!



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