Monday Madness

Why are Mondays busier then other days?  I mean there are still 24 hours and quite honestly my calendar has a lot more white space on Monday then on a Tuesday.  But Monday always feels too short like time moved faster and somehow we lost a few hours…
I’ve been thinking it has to be a time management issue.  So this week I pre-organized my week a bit.  I updated my Google calendar, color coding everyone’s activities (I’m purple, J is blue, LoveBug is light red which looks like pink and Bug is green.)  I “scheduled” daily activities that I wasn’t before:  cleaning bathroom, vaccum bedrooms, walk the dog (a new activity along with outside running time for Bug…lol), food shopping, family meal planning, etc.  I downloaded an app on my phone for my Google calendar but I can’t see the color coded time blocks.  I’m thinking I need the paid version of the app for that.  I’ll add that to my list because the color blocking is what makes the left brained calendar mapping fun for my right brained self!  Even without the colors, I’m hoping that by assigning everything time it will help me stay better focused on tasks and maybe Monday’s won’t feel so incredibly busy!  I’ll report back at the end of the week.

How do you stay organized?  Do you have a daily plan?  Are you able to see color blocking on your calendar on your smart phone??


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