Tasty Tuesday: Vanilla Marshmallows

Tuesday’s are one of my busiest days, personally and professionally.  I spend the day cooking up a storm and driving my Bugs.  A typical Tuesday is filled with cooking for clients, delivery to clients, finishing up weekly plan, taking Bug to his Pop’s house, taking LoveBug to dance, deliver to client near dance class, then back to Pop’s house to help LoveBug with homework before heading home for kid’s showers and bedtime.  THEN its dinner with J before client cooking and/or kitchen creations.

My latest kitchen creation was homemade marshmallows.  I’m typically not a huge fan of marshmallows but I have to admit…these are really good!  I was inspired after listening to Living at Home on martha stewart radio.  Which by the way is no longer on Sirius 110?!?!??!?!  I have to go to her website to find out what is going on!  I mean who am I going to listen to when I am in the car now?  The morning show and living at home were my favorites!  I digress….I was inspired while listening to how to make all kinds of marshmallows from the marshmallow maven Shauna Sever.  I made simple vanilla ones but now am itching to buy her cookbook and explore others!  Yummy!  I’ll post a few pics and the recipe tomorrow…right now I need to bake a vanilla pound cake for a client tomorrow.  The kitchen creating doesn’t stop…and I LOVE IT!!!!



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