Monthly Archives: March 2013

Friday Fun*Day

What an exciting night!  The boys and girls went their own way tonight – boys to Ice Hockey and girls for some pampering!

adam royalsJ and Bug went to the Reading Royals with my FIL and BIL…and they just had a BLAST!

LoveBug and I had a girls night…her choice.  We started by shopping at 5 Below (for those not familiar it’s like the dollar store but everything is $5)  After an hour of shopping, LoveBug chose a cat’s cradle kit.  I remember playing the string game for HOURS with my sister and cousin.  It’s so much fun to see LoveBug now doing it 🙂  After shopping we went to Giant Foods and made salads for dinner from the salad bar.  We also bought fried chicken and red velvet whoopie pies…LoveBug’s favorite!  We went home, ate dinner while watching the end of Princess Protection Program that LoveBug had started earlier.  Then we painted our toes and fingers (green and orange for LoveBug and purple for me!) while watching Wizards of Waverly Alex vs Alex.

Great night for everyone!


Wonder*Full Wednesday

Well the whirlwind month of birthdays in our house has ended.  You see between February 13th and March 13th all 4 of us celebrate birthdays!  J, LoveBug and Bug all in March so you can imagine how crazy the first two weeks are!

100_0365 This was LoveBug her first day home after 2 1/2 months in the hospital…and her very first smile 🙂

IMG_4428And this was on her birthday where she turned 9.  You can’t really tell in this picture but she is dressed in her (dress up) bride’s dress, hoop in the skirt and all, with a bejeweled tiara and necklace.  She absolutely is our princess, sass and all.  Amazing the difference in 9 years but at the end of the day she’s still my LoveBug ❤

Next on the birthday list was J who turned 4-0 this year.  I really wanted to do something cool for him and so I threw him a beer themed birthday party.  He likes to drink beer, brew beer, evaluate beer so I thought this would be perfect.  I staged the house to look like a beer pub, set up a tasting station and (I think) successfully surprised him when he came home from a day with his best friend.

IMG_4440 IMG_4446IMG_4448  IMG_4453

Today was the end of the birthdays with Bug turning 6!  Hard to believe!  He had a great birthday celebration too 🙂100_2761This was Bug 6 years ago…

IMG_4481  IMG_4468And this is Bug today…on his 6th Birthday!

Tuesday Tuesday…

I really need to put “write new blog post” on my color coded calendar that prompts my every activity nowadays.  Although it took me several hours, the purchasing of 2 different calendar apps and several not so nice words I now see my calendar with all its colors on my phone and ipad.  It’s a really good thing because in my quest for organization I became so FIXATED on the color coding that without it I was doing zilch, nada, nothing.
I am now even sharing calendars with J.  I say “calendars” because my color coded calendar is actual a combination of 5 calendars:  mine, Lovebugs, Bugs, J’s and Family.  Each of us has our own color:  purple, pink, blue, brown and red.  When I “shared” it with J he confirmed what I had feared that I should be able to see colors within my 1 calendar instead of merging 5 together.  Should is the key word because in my fixated and frustrated world, setting up individual calendars and merging them was simpler than continuing the enormously irritating task of figuring out why I couldn’t make it work!  Ugh!

But now I have a very lovely color coded calendar that tells me when to exercise, when to shower, when to do laundry, when to work, when to do cool stuff with the Bugs and even when to just chill.  Sad I know that this is what makes me smile.  it’s not perfect.  I still get sidetracked and decide to do something off task but now I have a tool to help keep me focused and at least keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing!

So try it and see how you like being organized.  What are some of your best tips on being better organized?

Wacky Wednesday?

So I need a new theme for Wednesdays.  Wacky Wednesday just isn’t working for me.  I mean I like the alliteration with the W’s but when it comes time to write on the theme…well I’m just at a loss so I don’t write anything.  So people please post your suggestions for a new Wednesday topic…get creative!  Thanks!  And be sure to check back tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts… I’ve got a plethora of them this week!