Tuesday Tuesday…

I really need to put “write new blog post” on my color coded calendar that prompts my every activity nowadays.  Although it took me several hours, the purchasing of 2 different calendar apps and several not so nice words I now see my calendar with all its colors on my phone and ipad.  It’s a really good thing because in my quest for organization I became so FIXATED on the color coding that without it I was doing zilch, nada, nothing.
I am now even sharing calendars with J.  I say “calendars” because my color coded calendar is actual a combination of 5 calendars:  mine, Lovebugs, Bugs, J’s and Family.  Each of us has our own color:  purple, pink, blue, brown and red.  When I “shared” it with J he confirmed what I had feared that I should be able to see colors within my 1 calendar instead of merging 5 together.  Should is the key word because in my fixated and frustrated world, setting up individual calendars and merging them was simpler than continuing the enormously irritating task of figuring out why I couldn’t make it work!  Ugh!

But now I have a very lovely color coded calendar that tells me when to exercise, when to shower, when to do laundry, when to work, when to do cool stuff with the Bugs and even when to just chill.  Sad I know that this is what makes me smile.  it’s not perfect.  I still get sidetracked and decide to do something off task but now I have a tool to help keep me focused and at least keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing!

So try it and see how you like being organized.  What are some of your best tips on being better organized?

One thought on “Tuesday Tuesday…

  1. I’ve found that keeping a spiral notebook by my computer helps keep everything in one place. I only have to plan my one schedule so it is not as hectic as yours.

    I color code at work between myself and my coworkers. Those who look at it are confused but it tells me just what I want and need at the right time. I recently just put one schedule on one row and another on the other row under the same date. Not sure if it works but is easier for others to to decipher.

    Everyone wants to be organized to have some boundaries and be in control of their life. Don’t let the calendar control you….you control it. Watch that you don’t get everyone so involved outside the home that you loose your sense of sanity and that feeling of family.

    I’m enjoying your blog. Keep it up! Even if it is sporatic. It is nice to know how you all are doing. Love you! Aunt LInda

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