Friday Fun*Day

What an exciting night!  The boys and girls went their own way tonight – boys to Ice Hockey and girls for some pampering!

adam royalsJ and Bug went to the Reading Royals with my FIL and BIL…and they just had a BLAST!

LoveBug and I had a girls night…her choice.  We started by shopping at 5 Below (for those not familiar it’s like the dollar store but everything is $5)  After an hour of shopping, LoveBug chose a cat’s cradle kit.  I remember playing the string game for HOURS with my sister and cousin.  It’s so much fun to see LoveBug now doing it 🙂  After shopping we went to Giant Foods and made salads for dinner from the salad bar.  We also bought fried chicken and red velvet whoopie pies…LoveBug’s favorite!  We went home, ate dinner while watching the end of Princess Protection Program that LoveBug had started earlier.  Then we painted our toes and fingers (green and orange for LoveBug and purple for me!) while watching Wizards of Waverly Alex vs Alex.

Great night for everyone!

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