Doctor and Pool and Sun…Oh My!

Summer time and the sunscreen is plenty…. (it’s catchier when you sing it.)  Our morning didn’t start out with sunscreen though.  Instead it started out driving to CHOP satellite office to see the gastro-intestinal specialist.


Summertime in G’s pool means lots of sunscreen. I’ve researched ingredients, read reviews and tested several different kinds of sunscreen to finally have my absolute favorites:  Neutrogena Spectrum+ for face and Banana Boat Sport for Body and Neutrogena Wet Skin for body.  I’m a stickler for the Bugs wearing sunscreen…I’ve had my share of bad burns and I don’t want them to experience it.  That said, I should take my own advice.  But alas…it happens every year.  It’s a beautiful day, and I convince myself that although I insisted on the Bugs wearing sunscreen, somehow I can forego it and the sun will just lightly toast my skin and not burn it….and as usual this is not the case and I end the first day in the sun with an itchy sunburn.  But the Bugs are sunburn free and that’s really all that matters.

adam pool lizzy poolWe spent the afternoon swimming, jumping, diving at G’s pool.  According to LoveBug…” Summer starts when we swim in G’s pool for the first time.  So summer starts today!”

2 thoughts on “Doctor and Pool and Sun…Oh My!

  1. Looks like fun! Wish I had someplace close to get in the water. Nice to hear of your adventures. Love to you, joe, and the kids. It was so wonderful to renew time with you at the wedding.

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