The Men In My Life Deserve More Than Just One Day…

When I stop to think about it – to recognize the men in my life just one day out of the year as if they aren’t quite as important the other 364 days- it just seems crazy!  Because if the celebration was to truly be representative of their importance in my life there could never be enough time… they deserve so much more recognition than I ever could possibly give…but I’ll try…because today is Father’s Day right?

Let’s start with My Dad…  Wow~ putting up with me for almost 40 years.  He certainly deserves a medal for that one!  My dad has never been one to talk much (didn’t get that trait from him! lol) but I have never doubted his unconditional love for me.  He has been there for me in happy times, difficult times, sad times and every day in between.  He taught me how to ride a bike, taught me how to drive, taught me how to play baseball… He has supported me, encouraged me, laughed with me.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are of him taking me to the Note Pourri in West Reading (PA) where I was able to pick out however many Mrs. Grossman Stickers to fill my sticker albums.  My sister D and I would then spend hours playing waitress, dolls and every other “girlie” thing…with my Dad right by our sides.  Then I grew up and of course drifted away a bit.  But when I was pregnant with LoveBug and found out all kinds of bad news…my Dad was by my side without hesitation.  When we thought we had all the bad news possible but needed to go to Hershey for an extended ultrasound my Dad was with me.  And when there still was more bad news and I was told I needed to wait to talk with doctors (in the maternity waiting room of all places!)…It was my dad said who knows what to get us into a private room to wait  – at just the right moment before I completely lost it.  He held my hand while I was scared and told me everything would be ok…even though we really didn’t know if it would be or not.  My dad spent so many days keeping me company when LoveBug was in the NICU and has spent countless hours and days with us ever since.  He is now the best “G” to the Bugs… From day 1 he has spent so much time with both of them!  He helps with school pick up whenever needed, helps with homework, watches movies, plays wiffle ball, helps them ride their bikes, takes them to playgrounds and to mini golf and so much more!  He is silly with them and reminds me to relax when I can’t see them every single second at the playground!  He buries them in the sand and teaches them how to swim!  He is their “G” and they love him for all these reasons and more!  I love him because he is my Dad and everytime I see him smiling and playing with my Bugs I love him a little bit more ❤

100_0818 246

In 2004, J stopped being just my husband and became Daddy to LoveBug.  Then 3 years later a Daddy again to Bug.  I have seen him grow and change in his role of being Daddy.  He is the Daddy who gives them extra ice cream and treats, who tempers my anxiety and paranoia about so many “normal” activities, who wrestles with them and who works so very hard to provide for them.  He’s not always the most patient and he may not always do things the way I would or the way I’d like…but he loves those Bugs more than anything and that makes me love him that much more ❤


And not to be forgotten on this very special day that truly should be celebrated every day…

081 My Bug’s Pop who is so very important!  He is an amazing and involved grandfather – spending hours of time with them, sharing his love of camping & nature.  He teaches them with everyday activities, helps with homework and shares his humor.  He is a fantastic father in law – always seems to know when I need to hear a word of encouragement or support or simply parental commiseration. ❤



One thought on “The Men In My Life Deserve More Than Just One Day…

  1. I am sure that they all know how much you love and appreciate all of them already. It is funny what you said about just one day being more important and not the other 364 was kind of crazy. I said to my daughter that June 16th was just another Sunday to me and she thought I meant it didn’t mean anything. I told her that I was a father 365 days out of the year and that made every day Father’s day:-). Take care Kris and say hi to Joe and the kids.

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