That’s one big puppy!

I always thought of myself as a cat person…that is until I met J.  Somewhere along the way I think he successfully converted me to a dog person.  I’m not so into dogs that I have the paw print blankets or the cutesie signs about I ❤ my Dog but I like having a dog in the house.  It’s comforting and protective…and it’s even better if they like to snuggle because sometimes the Bugs don’t want anything to do with me and J just wants to be left alone! lol

Our first together fur*child was Roxie – an affectionate American Staffordshire Terrier.  For those unfamiliar…”cousin” to the pit bull.  She was the most wonder*full dog.  Loved the Bugs, loved everyone…we used to joke she’d lick an intruder to death if her intimidating bark didn’t scare them away first!  Roxie was so special to us…unfortunately her age caught up with her and she went to pet heaven last summer.

We added BlackJack, a shar-pei, 4 years ago.  He was a great dog…a little naughty…but playful and nice.  His personality changed after Roxie .  He started acting more like a cat – didn’t really want to be around us much.  We had to surrender him a couple of months ago after he snapped at LoveBug.  Such a sad & difficult thing to do but we knew it was the right decision.

It was nice the first couple days, although tremendously sad, to not have a dog jumping on me.  But then it got very lonely when the kids were at school.  It wasn’t too bad when I was cooking or cleaning or exercising…but when I was sitting and studying or working on the computer it was noticeably lonely.  And on nights when J is out late…I am noticeably more nervous.  I miss having a dog around.

laila This is one of the latest pictures of the puppy we will be adding to our family in just a couple of weeks.  Her name is Laila – it is of Egyptian and Arabic origin meaning “Night Beauty.”  It also means “Dark Beauty” in Hebrew.  She will be 8 weeks old on July 3rd.  Her breeder “mommy” has been sending us pictures of her so we can see her grow.  Tonight she shared with me that Laila is very sweet and very active.  “Active” is really code for naughty…guess she will fit right in!  LOL   We will be taking her to puppy kindergarten…probably several times…and working daily on training her.  We have to…she is a Great Dane and will be too big to stay naughty for very long!  She will double in size each month her first year or so…that is one big puppy for sure!



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