7:20am Arrival Call

Tomorrow I will be taking my Bug to a CHOP satellite office for an endoscopy.  Compared to what we went through with LoveBug this should be no big deal…I mean compared to a newborn being hooked up to ECMO for 17 days not knowing if she would survive that much less the surgery she would need to correct her diaphragmatic hernia, an endoscopy is NOTHING!  Except with LoveBug we were on auto pilot and although I KNOW this is a routine test…it still is causing me worry.  I think telling Bug about what was going to happen was worse than what it will actually be.  He was instantly upset, crying, made himself sick from the anxiety and worry.  Guess he comes by that naturally…

But tomorrow we will leave our house around 6am and we will dutifully drive to his “belly doctor” and together Bug and I will get through the morning then celebrate when it’s over.  He’s not permitted to have anything to drink past 5:20am…I’m contemplating if it would be too insensitive to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee on the way…

***UPDATE***  Bug did GREAT!  No visible issues…thank goodness!  For the record I waited to have my coffee until he was in for the procedure…and then stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way home for more coffee and a bagel for the Bug 🙂


One thought on “7:20am Arrival Call

  1. Best of luck with everything and save that coffee for the celebration afterwards and maybe he could have a donut to celebrate. I am sure he will be just fine. Take care both of you:-).

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