I Just Need a Couple Extra Hours Please…

4 days have passed in a blur…and (unfortunately) I know the next 3 days will do the same.  Sometimes my days feel so slow….but not today.  In the past 4 days I have:

  • taken my children to 2 birthday parties (on one day, back to back)
  • stopped by my youngest brother’s girlfriend’s graduation party (same day as the Bugs’ parties mind you)
  • cooked 12 meals for clients
  • shopped for ingredients to cook 9 more meals for clients
  •  took the Bugs to state park to play on playground and play softball with LoveBug’s best friend
  •  registered and took the Bugs to playground camp and vacation bible school
  •  finished all of the laundry in the house (and put away!)
  • cleaned both bathrooms in my house
  • finished the next lesson and exam for my class

If I wasn’t so tired from Bug elbowing me all night last night and not being able to sleep with J away,  I’d be drinking a big glass of Pinot right now!  Instead I’m sipping water with lemon trying to quiet my mind and calm my soul.  It’s difficult to do when my to-do list for the next 3 days is even crazier in preparation for vacation!

Why is it that there never seems to be enough time?  I know I’m not the only one that feels this way either.  As a matter of fact helping busy women find balance in their lives, including setting up time management systems is part of my wellness counseling services.  So do we try to fit too much in?  Or do we mismanage the time that we do have and as a result not get everything done?

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