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Cousins at the Beach…Again

There are few things I remember vividly from my childhood.  Sometimes I think it’s because my memory was that bad even then…sometimes I think it’s because I was somehow detaching even then.  Whatever the reason may be, my memories with my cousin T  have always been vivid.  We spent almost 2 weekends a month together at my grandparents (“Old MomMom” and Pops) and a week at the beach…every year.   This year our kids were able to spend some time together at the beach…and it was so wonder*full to witness!

all kids on beach

Our kids are close in age – LoveBug is 9 (and a half!), Bug is 6 (and a half!) and L & M are 8 year old twins.  They all played so well together too!  Bug and M bonded over their DS games and jumped the waves together.  LoveBug and L spent HOURS writing songs and recording videos using the ipod touch and ipad.  Watch out world…in a few years these girls are going to be breaking hearts all over the place!  (and causing nervous breakdowns and lots of wine drinking for us Moms! LOL)

Growing up my cousin T and I spent HOURS on the beach together.  Jumping waves, digging in the sand, walking the boardwalk…  This year we spent time on the beach together again this time watching our kiddos play….and talking…and laughing…and talking some more!

lizzy and laurenadam and michaelall kids in boat

We plan to do it again next year….Sea Isle City, NJ will never be the same!

Celebrating 90 Years!

mommom 90

Today we celebrated my MomMom’s 90th birthday.  She has been such an omnipresent part of my life…and the life of my Bugs.  I feel so fortunate to have her in my life and even more fortunate that my Bugs have had her in theirs!  The Bugs call her “old mom mom” and I guess being 90 allows for that title….I think she’s earned it ❤

She was born in 1923…

She lived through World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War.  She lived through the depression.  She witnessed the debut and popularity explosion of television, movies, computers, phones, cell phones. She’s seen horrific world events played out, world leaders come and go, societal norms change.  She’s seen the worst of people and the best of people.

She’s cared for her family, supporting each of us to be who we are.  She loves deeply and accepts everyone. She married her sweetheart and spent almost 70 years experiencing life with him, raising a son, enjoying 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  She has loved so many and is greatly loved.

Happy Happy Birthday ❤

Relishing the charms of the present…

parenting sign

A friend posted this on facebook and it absolutely resonated with me.  I am so incredibly thank*full to be able to spend each day with my children and great*full to J for providing that opportunity.   I know to some it seems dull or unchallenging (of which it is neither!) but even on the most stress*full and chaotic days I close my eyes at the end of the day and feel so incredibly blessed.

This week I am experiencing the beach with the Bugs.  We are spending the time with my dad (their G), my grandmother (their “old” Mom Mom.)  J is home taking care of Laila and working before his “guys vacation” in a few weeks.  It’s been two days so far and it has been fantastic!  Sunny sky, warm(ish) ocean, LAUGHS, ice cream, hugs and LOVE.  These are the moments I cherish.  Of course there has also been multiple trips to CVS (at least it wasn’t urgent care!), bathing suit rash for Bug, arguing, nonstop talking, and yes the LoveBug sass.  And I wouldn’t trade it for the world because when it was time to put the Bugs to bed tonight I got hugs and kisses and snuggles and smiles…I can’t wait to spend tomorrow with them ❤


And puppy makes 5…


Meet Laila…the newest addition to our family. This picture was her first day in our family at almost 9 weeks old…She is absolutely adorable and, as promised, is very active.  For those who didn’t read my earlier post “That’s one big puppy” …she is a great dane puppy and she is a bit gawky if I’m being honest.  Both the Bugs love her to pieces and have definite ideas as to what they’d like to  be doing with her…none of which is to just let her be unfortunately.

She’s been to the vet already just to visit and got a clean bill of health.  She weighs 22 pounds, loved her vet (Dr. Geoff DeWire/Douglassville Vet Hospital…AMAZING!!!)  She goes back this week in preparation for her next week of puppy daycare while the Bugs and I are at the Beach.  J unfortunately has to work 😦

She has “explored” under our deck, snuck out of our fence (in between slats!),  given lots of kisses, snuggled, chewed on shoes, stolen blankets…yep I do believe “very active” was definitely code for “naughty.” LOL  That said, she is truly a sweet sweet puppy…of course I might say otherwise if she continues chewing my shoes! ❤

Disgusted, infuriated and saddened…

I make a conscious choice to not watch tv news….it’s too negative and that makes me sad.  I know there are a lot of bad things in the world but I also believe there are a lot of good things too.  That said there has been no escaping the news surrounding the George Zimmerman trial…and that is absolutely a sad story.  Based on all of the information although many people were outraged I don’t think many people were surprised by the verdict.  Experts and media were predicting for days that the prosecution did not prove without a reasonable doubt George Zimmerman’s guilt.  Although I stuck by my conviction to not watch the news I spent a lot of time listening to news coverage and talk radio commentary on the case.  I listened to summaries of the case, to callers opinions of what occurred, to callers opinions of the racial profiling and to conjectures about the verdict.  The more I listened the more irritated and sad I found myself….and here’s why:

The story of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin should have been about a man who took it upon himself under the guise of “neighborhood watch” to disobey direction from authorities to go home (and stop following Trayvon Martin.)  The story should have been about why George Zimmerman felt it was appropriate to interact at all with Trayvon Martin that February night.  The story should have been about how tragic it is that Trayvon Martin’s life was ended way too young that night and about how George Zimmerman’s life was forever altered by his horrendous choices.  Instead the past year has been filled with arguments focused on race.  Is it naïve of me to think that race shouldn’t have been the focus?  probably.  But you know what?  I’m tired of “race” being the go to argument, excuse and reason.  For all “races.”  It saddens me, it angers me and quite honestly it shames me.  It shouldn’t matter one little bit what race either player in this tragic story is/was….but apparently it does.  Because if the races of the players of this story were reversed the coverage would be completely different.  The outrage wouldn’t have the same inflammatory tone…but why not?  Yes I know by writing this I am inciting all kinds of comments referencing the fact that I am white and the hundreds of years of oppression of blacks or African americans (to be honest I’m not sure what is politically correct anymore and I say that with the greatest respect.)  I get it…I respect the cultural effects of history.  But in 2013 I find it incredibly sad that we are still divided by race…reverse racism, regular racism, immigrant racism.  I know true racism still exists for many and personally I find it repulsive.  However we as a society just keep perpetuating it.  We are all different in color…and in size…and in beliefs…and in education level…and in economic standing…and in personality…and the list goes on.  Come on people!  Get real!  As long as we focus on race and use race as an excuse or a motivation or justification, we only succeed in strengthening RACISM which is an abhorrent state of belief and prejudice!  Why not focus on responsible and compassionate living???  Why not focus on perpetuating kindness and accountability?  Not newsworthy enough?!?  Because it shouldn’t have mattered what color/race Trayvon Martin was…it should only have mattered that he was a 17 year old boy who was walking through a neighborhood at night, not causing any damage or harm to anyone…it should only have mattered that George Zimmerman was a 29 year old man who was patrolling his neighborhood,  reported that he saw someone and was told by authorities to stand down/not follow/go home and chose to ignore that directive and instead use a deadly weapon.  The fact that the entire story is shadowed by race disgusts me… infuriates me….and saddens me.  I can’t even imagine what Trayvon’s parents have felt and thought through all of this.  I send them comforting and healing thoughts and prayers and hope that they find peace in their memories and love.  I send out thoughts of peace and love and acceptance to the world to in my admittedly naïve belief that if we hold people accountable,  focus on the positive, if we celebrate acts of kindness, if we expect more…that this world will be a better place for everyone ❤


Happy July!

The past two weeks have just gone by in a blur!  Getting ready for 10 days vacations…while J was away for work…AND cooking for regular clients plus a few extras AND trying to prep the house at least a little bit for our new fur*child was CRAZY!

crazy mommy

All said I packed clothes and food and “stuff” for both the Bugs and myself, cleaned the house, made room for the crate and cooked/delivered 12 complete family sized meals for clients and managed to get kids to playground camp, the pool and even bible school.  Truth be told we only made it to bible school one night…after that the Bugs were too tired!  They had a blast but the day we went they were up at 7am for camp and we didn’t get home from bible school until 10 at night!  Oh and this was all before Thursday!

J got home LATE on Wednesday…was SO happy he was home!  Of course he brought the Bugs fun “swag” from his work trip…which sounded more like 4 days of partying!  Kids got to see him Thursday morning and then we were on our way!  We started our vacation Thursday and J joined us Friday after work!

adam and daddy before vacation

No vacation would be complete without a trip to urgent care and this was no exception.  Thursday night LoveBug came into my room wanting to sleep with me and complaining that she was itchy…from hives all over!  Benadryl, itch cream and 3 days of prednisone later and her hives, aka many many bug bites on her face and legs, went away!  Her vacation didn’t start off too well but she made up for it in the end!

adam and lizzy on vacation

LoveBug’s favorite part(s) of vacation:  Ceramics with Daddy, LEARNING TO RIDE HER BIKE WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS with Pop, celebrating Grammy’s Birthday and spending time with Mommy.

Bug’s favorite part(s) of vacation:  Swimming, playing with Pop Its and  Fishing on the boat with Pop

adam with goggles

We are home now…so I have a ton of laundry to do (as usual.)  We spent some time in Pet Co tonight because we are picking up our puppy in the morning.  It was relaxing to be away and not have to think about the everyday things for a week…but it’s nice to be home too ❤