Happy July!

The past two weeks have just gone by in a blur!  Getting ready for 10 days vacations…while J was away for work…AND cooking for regular clients plus a few extras AND trying to prep the house at least a little bit for our new fur*child was CRAZY!

crazy mommy

All said I packed clothes and food and “stuff” for both the Bugs and myself, cleaned the house, made room for the crate and cooked/delivered 12 complete family sized meals for clients and managed to get kids to playground camp, the pool and even bible school.  Truth be told we only made it to bible school one night…after that the Bugs were too tired!  They had a blast but the day we went they were up at 7am for camp and we didn’t get home from bible school until 10 at night!  Oh and this was all before Thursday!

J got home LATE on Wednesday…was SO happy he was home!  Of course he brought the Bugs fun “swag” from his work trip…which sounded more like 4 days of partying!  Kids got to see him Thursday morning and then we were on our way!  We started our vacation Thursday and J joined us Friday after work!

adam and daddy before vacation

No vacation would be complete without a trip to urgent care and this was no exception.  Thursday night LoveBug came into my room wanting to sleep with me and complaining that she was itchy…from hives all over!  Benadryl, itch cream and 3 days of prednisone later and her hives, aka many many bug bites on her face and legs, went away!  Her vacation didn’t start off too well but she made up for it in the end!

adam and lizzy on vacation

LoveBug’s favorite part(s) of vacation:  Ceramics with Daddy, LEARNING TO RIDE HER BIKE WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS with Pop, celebrating Grammy’s Birthday and spending time with Mommy.

Bug’s favorite part(s) of vacation:  Swimming, playing with Pop Its and  Fishing on the boat with Pop

adam with goggles

We are home now…so I have a ton of laundry to do (as usual.)  We spent some time in Pet Co tonight because we are picking up our puppy in the morning.  It was relaxing to be away and not have to think about the everyday things for a week…but it’s nice to be home too ❤


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