And puppy makes 5…


Meet Laila…the newest addition to our family. This picture was her first day in our family at almost 9 weeks old…She is absolutely adorable and, as promised, is very active.  For those who didn’t read my earlier post “That’s one big puppy” …she is a great dane puppy and she is a bit gawky if I’m being honest.  Both the Bugs love her to pieces and have definite ideas as to what they’d like to  be doing with her…none of which is to just let her be unfortunately.

She’s been to the vet already just to visit and got a clean bill of health.  She weighs 22 pounds, loved her vet (Dr. Geoff DeWire/Douglassville Vet Hospital…AMAZING!!!)  She goes back this week in preparation for her next week of puppy daycare while the Bugs and I are at the Beach.  J unfortunately has to work 😦

She has “explored” under our deck, snuck out of our fence (in between slats!),  given lots of kisses, snuggled, chewed on shoes, stolen blankets…yep I do believe “very active” was definitely code for “naughty.” LOL  That said, she is truly a sweet sweet puppy…of course I might say otherwise if she continues chewing my shoes! ❤

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