Relishing the charms of the present…

parenting sign

A friend posted this on facebook and it absolutely resonated with me.  I am so incredibly thank*full to be able to spend each day with my children and great*full to J for providing that opportunity.   I know to some it seems dull or unchallenging (of which it is neither!) but even on the most stress*full and chaotic days I close my eyes at the end of the day and feel so incredibly blessed.

This week I am experiencing the beach with the Bugs.  We are spending the time with my dad (their G), my grandmother (their “old” Mom Mom.)  J is home taking care of Laila and working before his “guys vacation” in a few weeks.  It’s been two days so far and it has been fantastic!  Sunny sky, warm(ish) ocean, LAUGHS, ice cream, hugs and LOVE.  These are the moments I cherish.  Of course there has also been multiple trips to CVS (at least it wasn’t urgent care!), bathing suit rash for Bug, arguing, nonstop talking, and yes the LoveBug sass.  And I wouldn’t trade it for the world because when it was time to put the Bugs to bed tonight I got hugs and kisses and snuggles and smiles…I can’t wait to spend tomorrow with them ❤


One thought on “Relishing the charms of the present…

  1. I love the sheer joy, in the pic, Kris! The days go by so fast and I wish I could slow them down! But, it’s all worth it and there will be so many wonderful memories, to look back on! Enjoy every second of your trip!

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