Cousins at the Beach…Again

There are few things I remember vividly from my childhood.  Sometimes I think it’s because my memory was that bad even then…sometimes I think it’s because I was somehow detaching even then.  Whatever the reason may be, my memories with my cousin T  have always been vivid.  We spent almost 2 weekends a month together at my grandparents (“Old MomMom” and Pops) and a week at the beach…every year.   This year our kids were able to spend some time together at the beach…and it was so wonder*full to witness!

all kids on beach

Our kids are close in age – LoveBug is 9 (and a half!), Bug is 6 (and a half!) and L & M are 8 year old twins.  They all played so well together too!  Bug and M bonded over their DS games and jumped the waves together.  LoveBug and L spent HOURS writing songs and recording videos using the ipod touch and ipad.  Watch out world…in a few years these girls are going to be breaking hearts all over the place!  (and causing nervous breakdowns and lots of wine drinking for us Moms! LOL)

Growing up my cousin T and I spent HOURS on the beach together.  Jumping waves, digging in the sand, walking the boardwalk…  This year we spent time on the beach together again this time watching our kiddos play….and talking…and laughing…and talking some more!

lizzy and laurenadam and michaelall kids in boat

We plan to do it again next year….Sea Isle City, NJ will never be the same!

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