Tell me again why school isn’t year round?

Don’t get me wrong…I have truly loved this summer with the Bugs.  But over the past week I’ve made a couple of observations:

  1. Bug has “forgotten” how to write some of his numbers (?!?)  He’s had to write his name on several birthday cards and that seems to still be ingrained in his memory…thank goodness!
  2. LoveBug seems to have missed the reading bug that I always had growing up.  Writing a full paragraph was “too tiring.”  What???
  3. My children are social and REALLY miss their friends!
  4. For every day the Bugs are home from school there is one more thing they don’t like about having a brother or sister!
  5. “I’m Bored” seems to be uttered more during the summer than during the school year.

So…based on my observations (and my opinion of course) I ask the loaded question:  WHY do we not have year round school?????  Wouldn’t it help the students retain more information?  Let them go to school for a few months, have a few weeks off to refresh then back to school for a few months before the next break?  Less loss of information in the students, less burn out (potentially) for the teachers and less “I’m Bored” for us parents during the summer!

Like that thought? Honestly I think I could go in greater detail regarding my “plan”… I have more regarding standardized tests in school, teacher tenure, curriculum, recess…but tell me YOUR thoughts….and we can swap more thoughts later 🙂



One thought on “Tell me again why school isn’t year round?

  1. I would have the kids go to school from September after labor day to November 20th. Give them six weeks off from November 20th thru January 4th. Have them go to school until Easter and have a spring break for two weeks. Return to school and finish around July 30th and give them a month of summer. Still the same amount of time off but without the need to repeat a bunch of things for retention purposes.

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