poolNote the shark swim shorts…

So after swimming we began our Shark Party prep.  First the Bugs decorated a cake.  Yes I took a picture of them starting but sadly No I didn’t picture the final cake…but it was full of shark fin cookies with a full shark floating on top of a blue pool of icing.  A shark week masterpiece!

cake dec

Dinner followed with:  Shrimp Bites, Fish Sticks, SeaWeed 2 Ways (green egg noodles & creamed spinach), Shark Teeth (cheese triangles) and Coral Peas.  Guess which was the favorite?  Shark Teeth…followed by Shrimp Bites.  Bug actually liked the spinach and I think LoveBug ate a couple cups worth of peas.  Afterwards we watched SharkWeek on Discovery Channel – the episode on Alien Sharks.

alien sharkThe Bugs liked it especially Bug…

…who woke up at 7am this morning to watch another SharkWeek episode!  This time the one on the 10 Deadliest Sharks…the one’s you’ll never see and the one’s you hope not to.  Did you know Bull Sharks not only like warmer water (interpret:  shallow water where people like to be) but they also can hunt in freshwater?  Now that’s comforting to know isn’t it….

All in all Shark Week at our house was a big hit, even though we were late! Do you do anything for Shark Week?  Share below!  As for us…we now have a Discovery Kids book all about Shark Week and I am planning next year’s Shark Week Party!


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