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Food for thought…

My Friday night started with a little Percy Jackson (movie with the Bugs), playing Ticket to Ride with J (I won big time the first 2 games then he slaughtered me the next few! boo) Fast forward a couple hours and I’m watching Julie/Julia feeling completely inspired. I mean I have this blog already but I am SO relating to her feelings about approaching 30. Ok so I’m turning 40 but still… The past 12 years have not been easy. I’ve struggled with so much, lost so much of myself, hurt myself and those I love the most. The past year I finally feel like I’ve been turning things around…I’m pretty sure J wishes I would turn them around faster. Truth is so do I. But that’s a whole other post…I digress.

So I’m feeling a little inspired by Julie/Julia and I want to Face Forty Fabulously! Can I do it? What does that even mean?!?!?  Stay tuned to find out!




For the Love of Pumpkin

This morning I woke to crisp cool Fall air…less than 60*. There is just something better about fall mornings. I feel more ready to face the day…more focused…more present.

Plus there’s pumpkin coffee…

and pumpkin bread…

pumpkin bread

and pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin pancakes…need I say more?  Even LoveBug loves pumpkin!  And that is saying a lot!  I probably have about 6 cans of pumpkin in my pantry right now…and soon I plan on buying a few pumpkins to cook down and freeze my own pumpkin.  There are many other reasons I love fall but there’s a special love for pumpkin….don’t you agree?

I’ll be posting my favorite pumpkin recipes later today but right now there is a hot steaming cup of pumpkin spice coffee just BEGGING me to sit on the deck for a few minutes.  Our great dane Laila is going to join me…with a pumpkin peanut butter flax seed filled kong treat.  See – even she knows how great pumpkin is!

Reflect and Remember


Twelve years ago I believe life changed for all Americans.  For some it changed so tragically in very personal and devastating ways…my heart breaks just thinking about it.  For many others including myself, it changed peripherally:  increased airport security (aka longer lines), increased awareness of how fragile life is and how ill prepared we probably are, how fortunate we are to not live in a country where moments of terrorism and war are everyday events, and the list goes on.   Like most people I remember where I was 12 years ago at 9:03am (starting morning circle with a classroom full of Pre*K kiddos – J was working in Northern NJ.)  I wasn’t glued to the news – I couldn’t be, my responsibility was to the 20 children in my care.  J thought I was pretty much crazy when I just needed to hear he was ok – his response was something along the lines of I’m nowhere near NYC I’m fine.  But he was the most important and he wasn’t with me so I needed to know he was ok.  He thought it was silly of me…maybe it was…

Today a dozen years later I am reading many posts on Facebook about talking with children about the events of that awful heartbreaking day.  I wonder… do my 9 and 6 year old Bugs need to be talked with about an event so tragic?  I don’t mean that they shouldn’t learn about it EVER but is it necessary at 9 and 6?  I know I’m protective and conservative with some parenting topics…but I really believe that in too many instances, too many tragic horrific instances are shared with children.  Often done in the spirit of having the children learn from loved ones instead of their friends, etc.  And I acknowledge that not all parents are as limiting of information to their children.  But I’m quite pleased that my children believe in the goodness of people, of the world.  I have talked with them about “bad people” in the world and stranger danger and getting lost and what to do in certain situations.  But I don’t share information with them about school invasions or home invasions…I don’t want them to be afraid.  They will learn about September 11th…they should.  It is a day that needs to be shared with everyone forever – in remembrance of those that were lost, in honor of those who gave of themselves in so many ways to help, in care of survivors.  It is a day that needs to be remembered, shared forever so that all Americans for generations to come recognize and appreciate the freedoms that we have, the wonderfulness of our peaceful daily lives and for awareness of the world around us and how fragile life can be.  But do young elementary children need to have their innocent perception of the world shattered so young?  I really don’t know …What I DO know is that I love that my Bugs focus on all the good things in life and that the biggest tragedy of their days are whether they get dessert or not.  Do they know bad things sometimes happen and not all people are nice?  Yes unfortunately.  Do they know specifics of the fatal accident that happened this week 10 miles from our house? No.  And they don’t know details about school invasions and they don’t know about September 11th.  They will…They should…just not yet.

3*2*1…Blast Off


Growing up I never wanted to be an astronaut.  I didn’t pretend to walk on the moon.  Heck I didn’t even really like that Matthew Broderick movie about the chimps and space…and no I don’t even remember the name of it.  But this past weekend I saw a post on Facebook that there was going to be a rocket launch and it would be visible from my house….and I!  Maybe it was because the past couple years I’ve TRIED to see the August meteor shower and FAILED because of cloudy skies.  I honestly don’t know. But the map said it would be visible around 11:27pm rocket map

and so at 11:25pm I went outside on the deck…J too!…and watched.  The sky was clear and full of stars…beautiful actually.  And then I saw something…I wasn’t sure and then J said he saw it too!  We saw it for a whole 30 seconds maybe but I was thrilled!  I thought about it the rest of the night and woke up the next morning and just thought it was the coolest thing that we had seen it!  It looked similar to this picture that I found…almost like a shooting star  (yes I secretly made a wish on the rocket…I mean it LOOKED like a shooting star! LOL)  I still don’t want to be an astronaut or even go into outer space.  But I do think it’s pretty cool that J and I saw it…and just maybe a wish made on a rocket comes true a little quicker…Did you see the Rocket Launch? Did you make a Rocket wish??