Food for thought…

My Friday night started with a little Percy Jackson (movie with the Bugs), playing Ticket to Ride with J (I won big time the first 2 games then he slaughtered me the next few! boo) Fast forward a couple hours and I’m watching Julie/Julia feeling completely inspired. I mean I have this blog already but I am SO relating to her feelings about approaching 30. Ok so I’m turning 40 but still… The past 12 years have not been easy. I’ve struggled with so much, lost so much of myself, hurt myself and those I love the most. The past year I finally feel like I’ve been turning things around…I’m pretty sure J wishes I would turn them around faster. Truth is so do I. But that’s a whole other post…I digress.

So I’m feeling a little inspired by Julie/Julia and I want to Face Forty Fabulously! Can I do it? What does that even mean?!?!?  Stay tuned to find out!



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