If only I could just wiggle my nose or nod my head to make it all come true…

Summer has ended…camper is closed.  Now the laundry room is overflowing with laundry…seriously I can barely see the floor!  So today was spent doing…yep you guessed it…LAUNDRY!  In between loads though I managed to create my own special Project Fabulous organizing binder.  Ok so I didn’t really NEED a special binder but its me and I really like binders and organizing.  Anyway, special binder… I took a before picture as well as my measurements.  Nothing like THAT to put things into perspective.  AAAHH!  If only I could channel Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie and achieve my goals with a wiggle of my nose or a nod of my head!

dream of jeannie

Todays Steps:  Completed my initial Fit Test (can’t wait until I can say THAT is EASY!), created meal plan for self and set up project notebook.



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