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What Does the Fox Say?

So I finally heard the song that seems to be “the thing” these days…Bug has been singing a version of it for a couple of weeks.  I got in my car today to run a couple errands and there it was on Radio Disney.  I have to admit it’s a little catchy!

It brought to mind one of the funniest stories…we were driving in the car a couple years ago to my parents (about 15 minutes away.)  I don’t remember anymore whether a car cut us off or stopped short…but whatever it was it resulted in J yelling “F**K!!”  Almost instantly we looked at each other and I was saying “kids are in the car!”  Then from the back seat…Bug says “Fox?  Where’s the fox?  I don’t see a fox Daddy.”  J and I were in hysterics!  Since that day Fox has had an entirely different meaning for us…and now when I hear that song…all I can think is that I know what the Fox says…he says “F**K!”

Thank*fullness Trend

Every day in November quite a few of my facebook friends post something that they are thank*full for:  family, coffee, opportunities, all green lights on their commute…  I read these posts and I think how refreshing it is to see so many people taking a few minutes to focus on the positive.  What a great trend of thank*fullness right?  Too bad that it will stop after November 30th.  So the other day I was reading a friend’s post for the day – it was poignant and real…and totally and completely infuriating to me.  I wasn’t angry at my friend…I was  am angry at the lack of thank*fullness the other 11 months of the year.  Every day we are inundated with negativity, violence, sadness…but in November it seems to be balanced a bit by the “thank*fullness posts.”  I wonder what life could be if everyone tried to find something to be thank*full for, or something positive every day of the year instead of just in November?

Rhode Island Road Trip

So this past weekend I took the Bugs on a road trip to visit my family in Rhode Island. It’s a long trip and one we do not do often. The trip itself isn’t crazy long (5 1/2 hours per mapquest) but when you factor in traffic (and there usually is A LOT of it) and at least one bathroom stop it’s more like 7. Too long in a small enclosed space with the two love/hate Brother and Sister. As I usually do, we began our trip Friday morning at 3:30am. Yes you read that correctly. I woke up the Bugs at 3:30am, loaded them in the already packed car and expected to have at least a couple hours of quiet driving while they slept some more. WRONG…they were awake for the duration! They slept maybe an hour the whole trip… which ended up being an okay drive minus the rain and slipping when we stopped which resulted in me spilling my coffee! **GASP** That glorious moment went a little like this: The three of us were walking out a back door at McDonalds. It was still dark and raining. I slipped on a 2 inch step that I didn’t realize was there and went stumbling and sprawling. Probably was quite hilarious for anyone who saw. At the time I was carrying a large coffee (because I was fading fast at this point) and a bag filled with breakfast sandwiches and English muffins for the Bugs. As I’m falling my coffee cup slams into the sidewalk, lid popping off. I’m exclaiming “SH*T my COFFEE!!!!” At which point LoveBug asks if she should go tell someone so they could help and Bug looks at me in all seriousness and asks if his breakfast sandwich is ruined. Thanks Bug…so nice to know where I rate 🙂 We did not go back inside and continued on our way…without coffee unfortunately.

After a few more hours we arrive at my Mom’s house. The rain had stopped but apparently the wind was greater than the power lines could handle. Within 1/2 hour of arriving the power was lost. No big deal it was light out. So my mom decides she’s going to take the Bugs for a walk. I went to go outside to get their sneakers from the car (they wore flippies in the car) and was greeted by this glorious site:

photo 1

No damage thank goodness! The texts back and forth with J were fun on that one…LOL  Luckily the weekend was better than it started!  Power was restored within an hour.  Kids spent the afternoon playing games with my mom…and totally ignoring me!  They had SO MUCH fun!  My mom had bought only their favorites for them to eat while we were there so they both had their choice of lunches:  cheese quesadilla for LoveBug and clam chowder w/ grilled cheese for the Bug.  They were in food heaven….especially after they learned they were going to make their own pizza for dinner!

photo 2 photo 3They LOVE pizza!

The next day was filled with exciting adventures.  LoveBug went for manicures and shopping with (new) MomMom, Bug helped chop and stack the tree that fell on my car and then went to a Home Depot Kids Workshop before lunch and building his own birdhouse.  I had a couple hours to discover that JoAnn Fabrics is a new favorite place as is Trader Joe’s.   A couple dozen yards of fabric, multi colored thread and bobbins later…with a few idea books too!  Lunch for us girls was at a fun Ferns & Feathers tea room.  YUMMY lunch of a ginormous lettuce wedge with steak for me, clam chowder w/bread basket for my mom and the LoveBug had her special request white pizza.

photo 1 photo 5

The rest of the day was spent playing games:  Triominoes (I know I probably butchered that spelling!), Pictionary (with some unique special rules from the Bugs) and Sequence! My brother (G) and his wife (AM) surprised us with a visit, even though he had just returned from the UK that day!  It was great to see them although the kids monopolized their time so much I really didn’t get an opportunity to talk with them very much at all!  The kids LOVED playing with them and took advantage of every single second:  playing games, running outside, being silly and SO.MUCH.LAUGHTER!!!!

photo 3

All in all it was a fun road trip and the Bugs and I decided on our way home that one weekend a month we would take an adventure weekend.   I have a few weeks to figure out where December will take us…wherever it may be I’m hoping for a little more sunshine and a lot more coffee!