Thank*fullness Trend

Every day in November quite a few of my facebook friends post something that they are thank*full for:  family, coffee, opportunities, all green lights on their commute…  I read these posts and I think how refreshing it is to see so many people taking a few minutes to focus on the positive.  What a great trend of thank*fullness right?  Too bad that it will stop after November 30th.  So the other day I was reading a friend’s post for the day – it was poignant and real…and totally and completely infuriating to me.  I wasn’t angry at my friend…I was  am angry at the lack of thank*fullness the other 11 months of the year.  Every day we are inundated with negativity, violence, sadness…but in November it seems to be balanced a bit by the “thank*fullness posts.”  I wonder what life could be if everyone tried to find something to be thank*full for, or something positive every day of the year instead of just in November?

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