What Does the Fox Say?

So I finally heard the song that seems to be “the thing” these days…Bug has been singing a version of it for a couple of weeks.  I got in my car today to run a couple errands and there it was on Radio Disney.  I have to admit it’s a little catchy!

It brought to mind one of the funniest stories…we were driving in the car a couple years ago to my parents (about 15 minutes away.)  I don’t remember anymore whether a car cut us off or stopped short…but whatever it was it resulted in J yelling “F**K!!”  Almost instantly we looked at each other and I was saying “kids are in the car!”  Then from the back seat…Bug says “Fox?  Where’s the fox?  I don’t see a fox Daddy.”  J and I were in hysterics!  Since that day Fox has had an entirely different meaning for us…and now when I hear that song…all I can think is that I know what the Fox says…he says “F**K!”


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