Kirby has arrived!

You can’t escape Elf on the Shelf…it’s EVERYWHERE!  For the next 25 days facebook, pinterest, twitter, kids at recess…stories of what the elf has been up to will be shared.  The Bugs really get excited about Kirby (our elf) and this year is no exception.  I only hope I can remember every day to move Kirby to a new spot and be creative enough to inspire the Bugs to be well and do well.

In our house, our elf arrives the morning after Thanksgiving.  This year Kirby arrived with a letter from Santa and “magic seeds.”  I can’t take credit I got the idea from…where else…Pinterest.  I found a blog post to with this fantastic idea!  I did it a little differently:  tree shaped sugar confetti instead of colored chips.  The Bugs LOVED it!

kirby arrives'

The letter (from Santa) instructs them to plant the “magic seeds” in a bowl of sugar and sprinkle salt over them each day until they “grow.”  They had (messy) fun planting their seeds!

photo 2

And today Kirby returned with the snowman advent calendar and the magic seeds GREW!!!  Such excitement….they can’t wait to see what Kirby will do next!  I love that they are so excited!  I am so excited about the opportunity to build off their excitement for the next month…I hope I can keep up the momentum!  Do you have an elf at your house?  What are your favorite Elf adventures?  Share them here and help a momma out!

kirby day 3


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