Deck the Halls and Tame the Gimmies…fa la la la la la la la la

Well it’s that time of year…you know when every commercial seen by the Bugs results in a chorus of “I want that!  That is SO COOL…I want THAT!”

We LOVE Christmas in our house  (how can you not?) We run through the house singing Christmas Carols (well I do and the Bugs say “MOM!!  Can you stop singing those songs?!? You’re SO ANNOYING!), we check our advent boxes daily (Bug does odd days and LoveBug does even), we search for Kirby our elf each morning to see where he might be hiding and we leave Christmas lights on always!

***confession: my favorite part of each day is sitting with a cup of coffee after the Bugs are tucked into bed in the living room with the lights on.  quiet Christmas joy <3***

This year is the 2nd year that the Bugs have made their lists with the intention of LIMITING the gimmies.  They ask for:  something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.   I find it really helps with the infectious gimmies.  I’ll take anything that helps because it is tough trying to tame the gimmies, teach appreciation to 2 young kiddos when they have been so fortunate to never want for anything.  They are the only grandbugs of 4 sets of grandparents, only niece/nephew of 4 aunts/uncles and still are lucky enough to have great grandparents.  Not to mention Mommy & Daddy…and SANTA!

Today we will start the festivities with a family Christmas…during what is expected to be a big snowstorm!  My house doesn’t look like all of the pinterest rooms I pinned, I didn’t make all of the crafts I wanted and the cookies aren’t all baked. We don’t have our tree yet but in about 1/2 hour my house will grow by another 6 people for the next 36 hours.  It will be loud, crazy, joy*full and I can’t wait to see the huge smiles on my Bugs faces!


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