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Top 10 Things to Love About January

Lately my facebook newsfeed has just been blowing up with people complaining…school delays, no school delays, too cold, too much snow, too little snow.  So here are my Top 10 Things to LOVE about January…you know just to shake things up a bit:

10.  No more Christmas cookies (you know…calling from within even the most hidden of locations “eat me…just one will be ok…but I’m so tasty!)

9.  No more having to remember to move Kirby (our #elfontheshelf) and not just MOVE him come up with super creative things for him to be doing.  You know…for the kids (wink, wink)…definitely not to impress anyone with my creativity.

8.  No more RED everywhere (silly but I just don’t like Red)

7.  No more feeling guilty about sending Christmas Cards (I’m just not good with it…I should just plan on New Years cards…note to self for this year!)

6.  It’s #1!

5.  My birthday is next month!

4.  New tv shows…most importantly Psych comes back!

3.  It’s National Soup Month…there’s just something comforting about soup isn’t there?!?

2.  There’s so much new stuff for the Bugs they don’t notice when I take bags and boxes of their junk  outgrown stuff to Goodwill


Baby it’s cold outside!!

Two days ago it was 47*, yesterday morning it was a balmy 62* (no I was not imagining things.)  Take a wild guess what the temperature was TODAY?!  At 8am this morning it was 3*…yes you read that correctly…and that does not include wind chill.  It was so cold that we had a 2 hour delay for school (what the 2 hour delay was supposed to help with I still have no clue.)  When I took the Bugs to school at 10:30am it was a steamy 9*!  Of course I couldn’t just drop them off to school and come back home to burrow under covers….I had to stop at the Turkey Hill for gas (yes I know poor planning – should have gotten gas when it was 62*!!!!) and…wait for it…to put air in my tires.  Yes my friends while driving back from taking J to drop his car off this morning to get detailed the little light popped up on the dash that I had low air pressure in tires.  Great.  Absolutely freaking great.  Soo…I diligently spent the $1.00 and 3 minutes adding air in my tires…in the frigid cold with only one glove on (so I could screw the little caps back on the tire valve.)   I mean what do people DO who live where it is this cold all winter long?!  I thought I liked the cold but this…this is painful cold!  Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 25*… I might pull out my flip flops!  By the time Saturday comes and the temp peaks at 53*?  We might just go crazy and head to the beach!

Happy New Year

Well another year has passed…good bye 2013 and hello 2014!  There will be no “resolutions” for this coffeemom.  Nope. Nada.  Instead I’m going to take my own advice shared as Outside the Box Services and make a 2014 Focus List.  What is a Focus List you ask?  Well… there will be 4 things on my list each focusing on an aspect of whole wellness.  One focused on physical health and fitness, one focused on mental/emotional wellness, one focused on spiritual wellness and one that is just for FUN!

So here is my FOCUS LIST for 2014:

  1. Write in my journal and on my blog(s) at least 3 times each week.
  2. Take the steps and create the habits to lose 50 pounds.
  3. Meditate at least 10 minutes daily.
  4. still working on my “for fun” focus!  (feel free to make suggestions! for some reason this one is challenging me!)

Care to share your FOCUS LIST?  Post as a comment below…there just might be a fun giveaway for those of you that do before January 15th 2014!