Baby it’s cold outside!!

Two days ago it was 47*, yesterday morning it was a balmy 62* (no I was not imagining things.)  Take a wild guess what the temperature was TODAY?!  At 8am this morning it was 3*…yes you read that correctly…and that does not include wind chill.  It was so cold that we had a 2 hour delay for school (what the 2 hour delay was supposed to help with I still have no clue.)  When I took the Bugs to school at 10:30am it was a steamy 9*!  Of course I couldn’t just drop them off to school and come back home to burrow under covers….I had to stop at the Turkey Hill for gas (yes I know poor planning – should have gotten gas when it was 62*!!!!) and…wait for it…to put air in my tires.  Yes my friends while driving back from taking J to drop his car off this morning to get detailed the little light popped up on the dash that I had low air pressure in tires.  Great.  Absolutely freaking great.  Soo…I diligently spent the $1.00 and 3 minutes adding air in my tires…in the frigid cold with only one glove on (so I could screw the little caps back on the tire valve.)   I mean what do people DO who live where it is this cold all winter long?!  I thought I liked the cold but this…this is painful cold!  Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 25*… I might pull out my flip flops!  By the time Saturday comes and the temp peaks at 53*?  We might just go crazy and head to the beach!

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