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Treasure Hunting

Geocaching….Who knew it would be so much fun?!?  Our good friend JH introduced us to geocaching last year.  He is really into it and has gone many times.  Last year his family and ours went geocaching together.  We really had fun and talked about doing it more…but didn’t.  This year I decided that it was something I really wanted to do with The Bugs.

We went the first time last week with friends…Bug’s best friend and his sister and Mom.  We went to the same place we went last year – alvernia park.  Our phone app wasn’t working right…probably user failure!  Yesterday we went again to Rustic Park armed with an upgraded geocaching app PLUS my new garmin handheld gps…late birthday present from J.  It is SO COOL…now that I know how to use it! LOL  I hadn’t uploaded the Rustic Park caches to it so I entered the cache coordinates instead which worked out great!  We searched for 3 caches and found 2.  We had so much fun!  LoveBug named our “team” the Crushers…fine for yesterday but we need a new team name.  Any suggestions?  I’m ordering fun tokens to leave in our found caches…trying to decide between wooden discs or stones.  Now if I can just think of a cool name….


GEOCACHE FOUND!!! (SM, GM, LoveBug and Bug)

Luck of the Irish?

I’ve always said that if it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all.  Unfortunately we seem to have mixed luck today…St. Patricks Day.  It’s never been a big holiday for me…I mean I’m not Irish!  Although if you ask LoveBug she “totally is!”  When I was teaching it was a fun but exhausting day…leprechaun visits, secret notes from the leprechaun, rainbow colored treats, green milk…you know – the usual.

Normally the day passes without much effort on my part.  My father in law (who is absolutely Irish) has convinced the Bugs that they are IRISH.  They embrace the day completely!  My FIL and not to be left out mother in law always supply the Bugs with festive shirts, shamrock tattoos, beads, etc.  This year was no exception!

Unfortunately today Bug is home sick with Strep (bad luck)…bleh!  He’s still wearing his Awesome Irish shirt and he even wore his leprechaun sunglasses…that pot of gold is BRIGHT you know!  That’s as far as his celebration went today although I’m sure he’ll perk up when his Pop (my fil) and Grammy (mil) get here for dinner.  Yep this year I’m in charge of the dinner:  corned beef and cabbage, parsley potatoes, etc.  There seemed to be mixed information about having carrots or no carrots.  Something about the color orange and Irish catholics?!?  I’m not either one so not totally sure about that one.  Not everyone likes corned beef so I also made a sweet/spicy pork loin roast.  I did my research and good Lord I HOPE I did it all correctly!  I’m not sure what the dessert is supposed to be but I went to green:  green pistachio gelato.

2014-03-17 04.09.23Good Luck:  Loving family to share the night with!

Embracing Bossy

Have you heard that Sheryl Sandberg wants to eliminate the word “bossy?” Her reasoning? Because the word “bossy” is used to describe girls who are confident and assertive which in turn makes them insecure and afraid of being leaders. WHAT?!? This is just crazy if you ask me.

Here’s what I think:

  • You can’t just eliminate a word because you don’t like how some people use it negatively.  If that was reasonable, acceptable and realistic I can think of a few other words that would be better off eliminated than bossy…
  • Instead of eliminating the word (and assuming) that girls will feel better about being leaders… we should support girls to be individuals, build their self esteem and celebrate their goals so that they will have the confidence and resilience to smile and persevere no matter what they are called.  We should support and encourage the characteristics and behaviors of leaders so that they will recognize the difference between that and bossiness.
  • Some people (both girls/women and boys/men) are just bossy.  They aren’t being leaders, they are just bossy!   They should be called on that.
  • Point is…we need to support girls (and boys for that matter) and teach them, support them how to be confident in who they are and their goals but also teach them to expect that if they overstep their “confidence” that they will be called on it.

My Bug is a confident 10 year old leader.  She is determined and creative.  She has big plans and isn’t afraid to share them.  She is out spoken and unwavering when she gets an idea.  She also can be dominating, pushy, manipulative and yes…bossy.  When she is bossy I wouldn’t want anyone to act like it’s ok.  Because it’s not!  I also wouldn’t want anyone to act like she isn’t capable or deserving of her goals.  In my opinion you need to acknowledge and define limits or else there is less satisfaction in the results.

Eliminating a word isn’t going to magically increase self confidence or self awareness.  Eliminating a word isn’t going to change other people’s attitudes.  If anything we should embrace the word and shift it’s connotation!

What do YOU think?

Happy Birthday to my Bug

My Bug turned 7 today.  His blue eyes, quick smile and kind spirit warm my heart daily.  He is 100% all boy – active, dirty, gross… but he is also the most thoughtful and loving spirit.  I can’t believe he is 7 years old!  1st grade!  He is growing into such a nice boy.  He treats his friends like gold, spreads his kindness to everyone around him and still remembers to hug & kiss his momma ❤

2014-03-13 05.12.59

We celebrated his birthday like we do all birthdays in our family:  favorite dinner with everyone in the family.  Bug of course chose TACOS and entertained us all with his stories.  J surprised Bug with Star Wars Legos…and the promise to watch the movies.  Score big points for Daddy!  I found captain America tank and briefs…with a mask!  How could I NOT buy that costume for the Bug?  I think my find was a hit too…What do you think?

2014-03-13 05.55.46 2014-03-13 05.55.56

His best friend is G…not his grandfather but another 1st grader! 🙂  If he doesn’t have a playdate with G every couple days he totally goes into withdrawal.  G introduced Bug to MineCraft and the song “What does the fox say.”  They play games, run around, yell and carry on together…and it’s wonder*full!

Of course he wanted to celebrate his birthday with G.  He chose to also ask his friend Q to play at a local fun spot:  Ballocity.  Because he is so sweet he included his sister and G’s sister too.  They had so much fun running and playing for a couple hours, eating pizza and cupcakes.  Super Fun for a Super Kid!

photo 3 photo 2


Playlist of the Week

Music is a big part of life at our house. We listen to music in the car, in the kitchen… both of the Bugs love to sing, play instruments and dance. One of my favorite things to do is listen to my Bugs singing…makes my heart smile ❤

Music can say so much about how you’re feeling…so for today I’d like to share my playlist for my week… What songs would be on YOUR playlist? Share them with me…I love to hear from you!

Happy…by Pharrell Williams   (I LOVE this song!  I challenged my YaYas to make their own Happy video.

What Does the Kid Say  (This could almost be my theme song…or most mom’s theme song for that matter!)

The Mom Song 

Happy Birthday


ENJOY!!!!!  Please share your songs 🙂



Starting…All Over Again

It seems that writing a blog every day is tougher than I thought! I had big plans when I started this blog…and then restarted. I took some time over the past month though to take a blogging e-course, researched a bunch of blogs that I enjoy reading and created a blog plan. (I’m organized…can you believe it?!) So what does this mean for you, my readers? Well….more regular posts. I’m not promising every day because you know…life happens! It also means more opportunities for YOU to comment and interact…and I hope that you do!

🙂 Kristina

LoveBug is DOUBLE DIGITS…I might need more wine

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago our LoveBug came into this world so uncertainly.  I remember that day so vividly.  It started with rushing, pain, worry, fear…  I remember not being able to stop shaking as they took me in the delivery room, absolutely terrified to be alone even if just for a few minutes.  I don’t remember much from that day.  I remember being relieved to hear her cry (we were told she wouldn’t cry) and I remember J holding my hand.  I remember not being able to stop shaking for quite a while afterwards.  What I remember clearly is the doctor coming to talk with J and me about LoveBug not being able to breathe on her own, or on the respirator and needing to put her on ECMO.  I remember the nurse “buying” us time for me to get in the wheelchair and go to the NICU to see her…just in case…and for the next 10 weeks I spent every moment giving 100% of myself to her.    From day 1 she has touched my life, everyone’s lives, with her amazing heart.  Her unbelievable spunk and sass is the reason she is here and even in those most challenging parenting moments I wouldn’t have her change a single thing ❤

Now, she is double digits (something she enjoys telling us at every opportunity!) and she is growing up into such an amazing and special young lady.  She warms my heart every day and continues to make me smile.  She is smart, determined, clever, funny, kind, compassionate, energized and spectacular.  I am so incredibly proud of the person she is becoming…even if the process comes with a few headaches 🙂  My love for her is never ending, unconditional and I will celebrate her every day!

This year we certainly celebrated in style.   She chose 3 of her closest friends…they were pampered at Sweet & Sassy, rode in a pink limo, ate pizza, were glamourized before a photo shoot at home and ate amazing cupcakes from Kupkake Kouture.  Turning 10 was never so much fun!

2014-03-01 06.46.362014-03-01 03.14.292014-03-01 04.59.252014-03-01 05.06.172014-03-01 05.28.212014-03-01 07.22.192014-03-01 07.19.362014-03-01 22.08.43