LoveBug is DOUBLE DIGITS…I might need more wine

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago our LoveBug came into this world so uncertainly.  I remember that day so vividly.  It started with rushing, pain, worry, fear…  I remember not being able to stop shaking as they took me in the delivery room, absolutely terrified to be alone even if just for a few minutes.  I don’t remember much from that day.  I remember being relieved to hear her cry (we were told she wouldn’t cry) and I remember J holding my hand.  I remember not being able to stop shaking for quite a while afterwards.  What I remember clearly is the doctor coming to talk with J and me about LoveBug not being able to breathe on her own, or on the respirator and needing to put her on ECMO.  I remember the nurse “buying” us time for me to get in the wheelchair and go to the NICU to see her…just in case…and for the next 10 weeks I spent every moment giving 100% of myself to her.    From day 1 she has touched my life, everyone’s lives, with her amazing heart.  Her unbelievable spunk and sass is the reason she is here and even in those most challenging parenting moments I wouldn’t have her change a single thing ❤

Now, she is double digits (something she enjoys telling us at every opportunity!) and she is growing up into such an amazing and special young lady.  She warms my heart every day and continues to make me smile.  She is smart, determined, clever, funny, kind, compassionate, energized and spectacular.  I am so incredibly proud of the person she is becoming…even if the process comes with a few headaches 🙂  My love for her is never ending, unconditional and I will celebrate her every day!

This year we certainly celebrated in style.   She chose 3 of her closest friends…they were pampered at Sweet & Sassy, rode in a pink limo, ate pizza, were glamourized before a photo shoot at home and ate amazing cupcakes from Kupkake Kouture.  Turning 10 was never so much fun!

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