Luck of the Irish?

I’ve always said that if it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all.  Unfortunately we seem to have mixed luck today…St. Patricks Day.  It’s never been a big holiday for me…I mean I’m not Irish!  Although if you ask LoveBug she “totally is!”  When I was teaching it was a fun but exhausting day…leprechaun visits, secret notes from the leprechaun, rainbow colored treats, green milk…you know – the usual.

Normally the day passes without much effort on my part.  My father in law (who is absolutely Irish) has convinced the Bugs that they are IRISH.  They embrace the day completely!  My FIL and not to be left out mother in law always supply the Bugs with festive shirts, shamrock tattoos, beads, etc.  This year was no exception!

Unfortunately today Bug is home sick with Strep (bad luck)…bleh!  He’s still wearing his Awesome Irish shirt and he even wore his leprechaun sunglasses…that pot of gold is BRIGHT you know!  That’s as far as his celebration went today although I’m sure he’ll perk up when his Pop (my fil) and Grammy (mil) get here for dinner.  Yep this year I’m in charge of the dinner:  corned beef and cabbage, parsley potatoes, etc.  There seemed to be mixed information about having carrots or no carrots.  Something about the color orange and Irish catholics?!?  I’m not either one so not totally sure about that one.  Not everyone likes corned beef so I also made a sweet/spicy pork loin roast.  I did my research and good Lord I HOPE I did it all correctly!  I’m not sure what the dessert is supposed to be but I went to green:  green pistachio gelato.

2014-03-17 04.09.23Good Luck:  Loving family to share the night with!


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