Treasure Hunting

Geocaching….Who knew it would be so much fun?!?  Our good friend JH introduced us to geocaching last year.  He is really into it and has gone many times.  Last year his family and ours went geocaching together.  We really had fun and talked about doing it more…but didn’t.  This year I decided that it was something I really wanted to do with The Bugs.

We went the first time last week with friends…Bug’s best friend and his sister and Mom.  We went to the same place we went last year – alvernia park.  Our phone app wasn’t working right…probably user failure!  Yesterday we went again to Rustic Park armed with an upgraded geocaching app PLUS my new garmin handheld gps…late birthday present from J.  It is SO COOL…now that I know how to use it! LOL  I hadn’t uploaded the Rustic Park caches to it so I entered the cache coordinates instead which worked out great!  We searched for 3 caches and found 2.  We had so much fun!  LoveBug named our “team” the Crushers…fine for yesterday but we need a new team name.  Any suggestions?  I’m ordering fun tokens to leave in our found caches…trying to decide between wooden discs or stones.  Now if I can just think of a cool name….


GEOCACHE FOUND!!! (SM, GM, LoveBug and Bug)


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