Pick 1 Person, 1 Food and 1 Song…

One of my very favorite things is talking with the Bugs.  No I’m not referring to the repetitive  “did you brush your teeth?  did you make your bed?”  That’s almost torturous to navigate through their denials, stories and fibs.  What I love are the conversations that we have about random things…those conversations are priceless.

Yesterday was one of my favorites.  The Bug and I were in the car…doctor appointment to discover he has strep for the 2nd time in a month (how I feel about THAT is a whole other post!) and then travels to pick up meds, etc.  Radio Disney was playing and that is always fun listening to the Bug sing.   This time though we started talking about being stranded on a desert island….the conversation went something like this:

So if you were stranded on a desert island and could choose 1 person, 1 food and 1 song what would you choose?

Adam:  I’d choose Laila (our great dane), tacos (big surprise there!) and “What About Love” by Austin Mahone.

Not Mommy (even though I spent ALL NIGHT and ALL DAY taking care of him…which means not being further than about 2 ft from him!)  LOL  I guess it could have been worse…and it is nice that he feels that close to the giant of a dog we have ❤ and to be honest I don’t think I’d last more than 5 minutes listening to his song choice!  Now if he picked Happy or Ain’t it Fun or one of about 100 other songs…

So tell me how you would YOU choose?



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