Child Free for 6 Days?!?

I am “child free” for 6 whole days? I AM CHILD FREE FOR 6 WHOLE DAYS!!!!!!

Yes it’s true and to be honest I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I am 100% free to do whatever during the day without school schedules, doctors appointments, homework, softball, baseball, etc. On the other hand…no good morning hugs and kisses or night time snuggles.

2014-04-11 04.17.26          2014-04-11 04.17.33

Where are they you ask?  Well the pictures above are from a quick food stop on the way to the airport hotel 2 nights ago.  They left super early the next morning (with their grandparents, Monie and G) to fly to Florida before going on their first Disney Cruise!  To say they were excited is an understatement!

In their absence so far I’ve gone to breakfast with a friend and her daughter, gotten my haircut, gone shopping, wrote a new badge packet for my group Empowered Yayas , finished a book I was reading and shopped with my dear friend to donate to charity.  All the while I was doing these things I was anxious to know how my Bugs were doing. (They’ve texted:  They had fun swimming yesterday and today the boarded the ship and rode the water slide!)

I’ve big plans for the next few days…don’t worry I’ll post all about my Mommy Adventure.   What would YOU do with a free days to yourself?

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