Monthly Archives: January 2015

For Good Luck

“You have to…for good luck.”

“No it’s gross!  How can eating this give me good luck anyway?”

” It just does now eat it.  Just one bite…ok just one strand!”

This is similar to the conversation that took place EVERY.NEW.YEARS.DAY that I can remember between my step*Mom and me. It wasn’t really a fight but it was  no joke either!  She took her sauerkraut eating very seriously! And so every year I would reluctantly eat one single strand of the required sauerkraut vowing that once I was a “grown up” I would never eat it again.

***Flash Forward about 30 years***

I am definitely a grown up…except I married a man who also ascribes to the pork & sauerkraut good luck tradition. Lucky Me! So now the conversation continues between my LoveBug and me…secretly laughing because I’ve figured out how to slowcook the pork and sauerkraut so that it (gasp!) tastes good! But don’t tell my step*mom!!!!