YES the Pool Is Open!!!

The Bugs probably started asking when the pool would be open in January.  You know when it was cold enough for snow but there was no snow?  But the sun is shining?  Those are the days my bugs think the pool should be open!  If only I had a quarter for every time they asked when it would be open…

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend…we were having a heat wave here in PA.  It was HOT HOT HOT! Close to 100*!  Luckily the pool was open!  Even luckier for my quirky anxiety filled mind it’s our own private pool – because if you’ve read any of the recent articles exposing bacteria and gross*ness (technical term my friends) in public pools you know the benefit of a private pool (thanks Dad!)


The Bugs were so HAPPY! They swam their required laps, practiced diving…and their G had fun scaring them with the new pool addition.

Do you see it? Bug #2 was slightly startled…Bug #1 fell for it 100% with screams and all!  Hysterical!

We still have some time before our Summer Vacation really starts but the first pool day is like a sneak peek! Our pool days are filled with swimming, games (water lacrosse, water basketball, monkey in the middles) diving board tricks and more!  They are also filled with picnic lunches, snacks and chasing after the ice cream man!


Do you spend a lot of time at the pool during the summer?  What do YOUR pool days look like? I’d love for you to share by commenting below!


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