Ice Cream Challenge: Lapp Family Farm

Travelling to Lapp Family Farm was an adventure!  It isn’t that far from us and should have taken only about 42 minutes, but the GPS caused it be more like an hour.  A is away at “sleep away camp” with his Grammy & Pop so L’s good friend K came along for the ride…and she is super excited about it!

Lapp Family Farm is located in New Holland, PA.  It is a family run farm with an on-site store selling ice cream, milk, butter and eggs. 


There were a variety of flavors to choose from:  chocolate, coffee, mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, peanut butter, cookies & cream, but the appealing thing was the homemade waffle cones.  They smelled AMAZING!  L chose cookie dough, her friend chose chocolate marshmallow and  I was able to convince them to give me 1/2 scoop of peanut butter swirl and 1/2 scoop of cookies & cream.  L chose the waffle cup but K stuck with the tried and true cake cone.  We all were surprised at how CREAMY the ice cream was! 


We enjoyed eating our ice cream on the large outside porch at Lapp’s.  While we were eating we were surprised to hear….a peacock in the tree across the driveway!

After we finished our ice cream we were able to tour the farm a bit and check out some of the cows whose milk helped to make the ice cream!  If we were there at milking time we would have been able to watch the process in the milking building but we weren’t…so we didn’t!  We did, however, get to see quite a few cows!


L’s Review:  “It’s so creamy! Look at all the cookie dough chunks Mom!” Scale of 1-5*: 5

K’s Review (L’s friend):“This is really good!” Scale of 1-5*: 5

3rd Review: The ice cream was unbelievably smooth and creamy!  The cookies and cream seemed like a very subtle chocolate sweet cream with cookie crumbles.  It was delicious although different from any other cookies & cream I’ve had before. The peanut butter in the peanut butter swirl was so delicious.  You could tell it was real peanut butter and not a peanut butter “spread.” The base was more like sweet cream as opposed to the vanilla base that I’m used to but the “real” peanut butter balanced out the sweetness perfectly!  Overall the ice cream was super creamy but the flavor I found to be very subtle. Scale of 1-5*: 4

Ways we think it could be better:  Stronger mix in flavors.

OVERALL RATING*:  4.7       (Our ice cream rating scale is at the end of this post!)

As we were leaving we noticed that Lapp Family Farms has a drive through!  As we passed there was a woman loading gallons of milk, dozens of eggs and a few cartons of ice cream into a cooler in the back of her minivan!  Excellent idea!  We definitely would recommend making the trip to Lapp Family Farm to sample the super creamy ice cream and see all of the cute cows…you might even see (or hear) a peacock!  If you go, pop back here and let us know what you thought! Would it make YOUR top 10 best ice creams in PA?


*Our Ice Cream Rating Scale

  1. Awful…do not want
  2. Blah…only make the trip if you’re a super fan of the flavor or think the establishment theme is worth the trip
  3. Ehh…just ok could take it or leave it.
  4. Above Average…excellent flavor.  We think you should try it!
  5. Amazing!  You MUST try this ice cream…NOW!!!!

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