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The Brain Is A Funny Thing

Remember when your children were little and you would look at them – for hours…and they would look at you and you both would smile?  You could just about see the love radiating between those two smiles! Flash forward 12 years and imagine that same moment…it’s one that I have been experiencing for the past week and a half with my daughter.  Sadly, it’s not such a lovey moment…she feels it’s pretty much torture! I mean, the upside is that I now have discovered the absolute best punishment for future offenses!

She was a good sport though, because for 3 days the only thing she could do was sit with me quietly and talk.  To a 12 year old that’s definitely a form of torture!   I don’t think she’s ever been so happy as when she was able to spend time reading, watching tv…even if it was only for 15 minutes at a time!  See, my Lovebug (guess that since she’s 12 I should probably come up with another nickname for her shouldn’t I?  Let’s go with just L) got a concussion.

I’ve learned several things from this experience.  First and foremost I’ve learned that the brain is a funny thing.  The amount of force needed result in a concussion can vary almost as much as the time needed to recover from a concussion.  We are working on Day 12 and L is still is exhibiting symptoms!  Still, we are thankful because we know people who had concussions and it took months for recovery!  Symptoms can vary greatly from person to person.  This infographic from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia illustrates it pretty simply.  L is still experiencing headaches, sensitivity to light & sound and excessive tiredness.

Secondly, I’ve learned that my daughter’s teachers are some of the most kind and compassionate people. They have really supported and been accommodating of L’s limitations and restrictions so that her high honor roll grades aren’t affected by this.  It’s a shame, then, that this injury is a result of improper seating on a school bus.  I’ve spent HOURS talking with someone on the school board, reviewing applicable laws and I still am not sure what I want to do with it all or if I want to do anything.

The fact of the matter is that concussions stink.  That is all.


And Now We Will See…

How are you doing this morning? I know it’s been a while since my last post. Believe me – there are about a dozen drafts that I’ve written over the past couple months but none seemed right for sharing. I’m working on being more consistent here but I wonder sometimes!  But this morning…after month’s of deliberate public silence regarding the election I feel compelled to write.

For the past year my son has had anxiety and nightmares about the possibility of Donald Trump becoming President because of the hateful words and intentions that were being broadcast. I repeatedly assured him over these months that we had to have faith that people would recognize that someone who was willing to shout such hate towards other human beings, such disrespect towards women, such flippantly ignorant comments about bombs and war would not be chosen as the figure head of our country. This morning I had to tell both him and my daughter that I was wrong – that Donald Trump would indeed be our next President. I had to see the look of shock and anger on my daughter’s face because she is old enough to know and has heard the things that were said about girls/women/minorities/special needs/disabled people by Mr. Trump. I had to see the look of fear and sadness on my son’s face. It breaks my heart. What do you say to help them feel secure when someone that will be in such a powerful position not only was applauded but rewarded for such behavior?!? our house we teach respect, kindness and love. We talked about the importance of respecting others, spreading love and kindness, speaking up when someone is being treated unfairly. We talked about treating others with respect, particularly we talked about the importance of boys/men treating girls/women with respect and not accepting anything less. My daughter and I talked about the capabilities of girls/women and how it is important to lift each other, support each other because there are still so many who believe that women shouldn’t have basic equalities/choices/opportunities and many people still who do not see anything wrong and/or excuse sexist offensive actions towards women.We talked about making small differences every day by the choices that they make. We talked about the hope that our government checks and balances will make sure that this one mean, ignorant, hateful man can not do widespread harm. We talked about continuing each day to be compassionate and kind to others, be respectful even when you don’t agree, always speak out about bullies and injustices. Now we will see…it’s a little terrifying to be honest. We will keep spreading love and kindness here and hope that others will do the same.