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Show Me The (Saved) Money!

Happy New Year!  Did you set “resolutions” or “intentions” for this year? Last year I committed to a money saving challenge.  I’m sure you’ve seen them – there are about a million different versions on Pinterest.  Some you are supposed to save a penny a day, some a dollar a day.  I was pretty successful last year, spending only saved money over the summer when I “stay-cationed” with my kiddos at our camper home.  I didn’t save as much as I had intended, though and I think it was because I didn’t follow any plan.  I mean, I “pinned” about a dozen different plans but I didn’t actually print one out and FOLLOW it.  As a result there were some weeks that I didn’t add money to my jar and I’ll be truthful, there were some weeks that I took money OUT of the jar to buy an unplanned pizza so that I didn’t have to cook! LOL


I decided that 2017 would be different. Not only would I save money but my kids would save money too!  We already have several vacations planned for 2017 so I knew I wanted to do some sort of mega savings with the intent of “withdrawing” from that savings throughout the year when those vacations happen.  I also wanted to keep the weekly “deposit” amounts reasonable so that even on financially “tighter” months it would still be feasible for me to earn the extra money needed for my savings plan by adding a freelance assistant task or two or a holistic client. I ended up creating my own Savings-Challenge and a Mega-Savings-Challenge



My kids are excited to follow the Kids-Savings-Challenge.  Honestly I think most of the fun is the competition between them to see who will actually save the most!   kids-savings-challenge

Whatever their motivation I am hoping that it will also serve to instill in them the practice of saving.  Myself – I’m going with the Mega Savings Challenge.  I’ve also started a second jar for myself to follow the Kids Savings Challenge as well.  (That way if I feel the need to raid a jar for that unplanned pizza dinner or emergency coffee run I won’t mess up my Mega Savings!)

Will you be doing any kind of savings challenge in 2017?  Comment below and let me know…and don’t forget to pop back in and share updates on your progress!

Worried about how you’re going to stick with a money saving challenge on those days/weeks when money seems so tight? Check back here on Thrifty Thursdays for ideas/tips for “finding” extra money!

As always…Be Well and Spread Kindness ❤