Welcome to Eat.Sleep.Drink Coffee! This page gives you a little peek as to who I am and what this blog is all about. I do, however reserve the right to change things up at any given moment and discuss/share thoughts about all sorts of things…in other words – ramble about some nonsense or other, hopefully being interesting enough to keep your attention!
ABOUT ME I am a sleep deprived, coffee addicted wife to a fantastic detail oriented man. We have 2 absolutely wonder*fully challenging children together that I am thank*full for each and every day. I am a momma, wife, daughter/in-law, sister, friend, personal chef/caterer and now blogger. I love to read (I’m a magazine addict and nothing beats curling up with a good book on a cold rainy day.) I enjoy photography, card making, scrapbooking, crafting and music although I don’t do any of them nearly as much as I should. Our home is in PA…I love our seasons but on hotter days I say at least once that we should move to Alaska or Maine(with all of our extended family though because I truly believe it really does take a village to raise children!) My husband responds to this always by saying “Absolutely not” because if he had his way we would claim stake on the sun.

Why Blog? I decided to start this blog on January 1st 2013 because this is the year of new beginnings and rediscovering for me. Along the way of life of marriage, children, work I lost my sense of me. It was subtle – I didn’t go to sleep one night then wake up the next morning a different person. That would probably have been easier. Instead its been a slow decline into this cloudy state of bi-polar existence…yay fun! This blog isn’t going to focus on that (how depressing would that be?!?) but instead on the everyday activities and adventures of living a purpose*full and creative life as I return to being present and accountable in my life.

About Eat.Sleep.Drink Coffee This blog will house my thoughts and feelings, conversations and letters, memories and dreams, hopes and fears, and photos. It is my self therapy of sorts as I try to overcome my self created anxiety and judgement and allow my true self to once again just “be.” I’ll share things about our 2013 adventures. I’ll share things about being a personal chef/caterer and my own personal creative endeavors. I’ll write about motherhood, about childhood. I might even sometimes talk about politics and religion, but rarely I’m sure. I’ll share thoughts about things that we like…who doesn’t like to hear about new fun stuff? I would love to review products that are a match with our family’s interests and ideals. Please feel free to email me if you have or know of a product you think we’d be interested in trying.

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