My Family

joe with kids first day of school

ABOUT J AND MY 2 BUGS… J is the hard working, super detailed, sarcastic and funny man of our house. We like him…a lot. He likes league of legends, board games, beer brewing, beer tastings and Gen-Con every year. He works super hard to provide for our family and although I don’t say it nearly enough I appreciate it every day because it allows me the flexibility in work for us to allow our children to have wonderful childhoods of free summers, after school adventures and more. We married in 1998 and its been a tumultuous and rocky road. This year my hope is for us to have a new beginning – where we can start fresh and remember why we decided to take this crazy journey together!

LoveBug is our amazing daughter who was born in 2004. She loves to sketch, dance, write stories and talk. She is kind, artistic, smart, loving and sassy. She has the kindest heart and most thoughtful soul of anyone I know.

Bug is our energetic son who was born in 2007. He is a never ending bundle of energy – boy through and through. He loves music, the outdoors, tacos and gives the absolute best hugs on the planet.

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